And the latest in missing persons news

Forgive my silence but I have just recently reconstituted myself from a sticky puddle. Michael’s air conditioner went out yesterday, on one of the hottest days of what has thus far been a very hot month. It seems they always pick the very worst possible time to break down. It was humid and the temperature indoors quickly climbed from the usual 73 degrees up to 93+ degrees. I was lying around gasping and Michael was in an even worse state. He called a repair place and they promised to send a guy over between four and six. We waited and he didn’t arrive. Michael called to find out what was up and the guy finally did arrive at around seven. Seems everyone else’s AC was breaking too and that’s why he was late. He fixed ours but it was quite late before the temperature dropped back down to 73 again.

And in recent news:

A woman from Rochester, NY has been identified as one of the victims of the Green River Killer. Sandra Major, age 20, disappeared from Rochester in 1982 and her body turned up in Auburn, Washington in 1985. They were the 16th set of victims’ remains found, one of three located at a cemetery. Sandra wasn’t on Charley; I’d never heard of her before.
Greta Timm, age 14, disappeared from Irvington, New Jersey in 2008. Listed as a runaway, she was lately reported to have been found. I thought she was found safe. Alas, not. Her body turned up inside a bag in Parsippany, NJ in April.
A leg bone was found in a drained reservoir in Callam County, Washington. The authorities think it might be Karen Tucker, who disappeared from Callam County in 1990. The article provides some more info on her disappearance: she was agoraphobic, on disability, and taking some medication. Her daughter thinks, if she did die in that reservoir, it was probably an accident rather than murder or suicide.
The police think they’ve found the body of Chasity Starr, but it hasn’t been identified yet. The body turned up in the backyard of James Lee Maxwell. He was convicted of attempted murder in 1988 and was recently charged with the rape of a nine-year-old girl.