At last, some more info on the Colonna Aponte children

Twelve-year-old John Colonna Aponte and his eleven-year-old sister Giannina disappeared from Puerto Rico thirty-eight years ago. Until now, I had next to nothing on them — and I still don’t have a decent LE contact number. But thanks to a link (in Spanish) which a helpful stranger sent me today, I now know a lot more:

It looks like the children were kidnapped for a 72k ransom, and something went wrong with it, or maybe the kidnappers never intended ransom in the first place. Eight months after they vanished, a guy in Miami killed himself and left a note, implicating himself in the plot.

Interpol, which is apparently investigating the case, did genetic testing using Maria’s blood, some of the children’s baby teeth, and DNA taken from the father’s exhumed body. and the results indicate that John and Giannina were not the biological children of their mother’s husband. The husband, John Colonna, died in 1982. The mother, Naomi, is still alive and quite indignant, insisting that the children most definitely WERE John Sr.’s and it’s quite impossible that they weren’t.

There was a possible explanation for this raised in the comments: John died of cancer. Perhaps, during his treatment for the cancer, he had blood transfusions, and perhaps that messed with the genetic testing results. I have no idea whether this could happen or not, but it sounds possible. Of course, the children’s paternity might well be completely irrelevant anyway.

So now Mom’s having them declared legally dead. She’s 73 years old and has breast cancer. And there the matter rests.

In an aside, another puzzling Puerto Rican case: Michelle Delfi-Feliciano, a four-year-old who disappeared from her front yard in 1992. “It has been established that Michelle was in the company of a family acquaintance sometime after her initial disappearance. The individual has since returned to Puerto Rico, but Michelle has not been located. It is believed that the child may be in a Puerto Rican community in Massachusetts, New York or Florida. Her family has ties to those regions of the country. She may also be in the Dominican Republic.” Um…what?

Seeing them afterwards…their varied fates

Once in awhile, after a missing person (usually a runaway) has been found alive, I “check in” on them so to speak by having a look at their Facebook pages and so on. Most of them, once they’re found and return home, tend to remain there. Some of them are doing quite well with their lives. Others, not so well. One is in prison for murder. Here are some examples:

M.L.M. disappeared in the late nineties with the father of her baby (who was wanted for statutory rape) and the baby itself. She was sixteen or seventeen at the time. She was profiled on the MPCCN but had been found by the time the Charley Project was founded. She and her baby daughter (who would now be in her mid-teens) both have Facebook profiles. They have returned to their hometown in Texas. I think I found a profile for the boyfriend, too; at any rate, someone with the same name who is originally from Texas is friends with both M.L.M. and her daughter. He is married and lives in New Jersey.
K.A.C. was a case I was interested in early on. She’s less than a year younger than me, and she ran away in 1998 when she was only twelve and was gone for a couple of years. Not sure when she was located. I found a Facebook page for her and it looks like she has three children now.
A.I. ran away in 2008, possibly to be a non-custodial relative (I’m not sure about this). He has returned to his home state of Minnesota now and, though he’s barely 18 years old, he’s doing gigs as a professional violinist.
L.C. ran away from a Pennsylvania town in 2009, when she was seventeen. She now lives in another town in Pennsylvania and has four children, including twins. (Not an ideal situation when you’re only twenty, but she seems happy with them.) I found an article about how her house caught fire while she, her three children (the fourth hadn’t been born yet I guess) and her boyfriend were asleep inside, and a neighbor saved them.
J.N.H. ran away from Arkansas at age fifteen in 2002. Unfortunately she’s not doing too well; she was arrested for prostitution in Texas less than a year ago. It looks like she also lived in California during the last few years.
A.V.K. ran away from her home in Wisconsin in 2003. I can’t find much on her, but I did find her father’s obituary. He was only 36 when he died in 2009; that would have made him 18 when A.V.K. was born. She has several half-siblings.
C.L.E. ran away from her Georgia home in 2002, at age fourteen. She now lives in the same town she disappeared from and on Facebook has listed herself as married to another woman. And she’s got a lot of tattoos.
Four siblings were abducted by their non-custodial father from Idaho in 2002. I couldn’t find anything about three of them, but C.N.J., who was ten at the time of her abduction, got arrested in Idaho last December. Not sure on what charge.
S.S. ran away from her home in Maryland at age 15, in 2004. She’s back in her hometown and works for a company that provides assisted living services.
V.M. ran away from North Carolina in 2000, when she was 15. I found a mug shot for a person whom I’m 90% sure is her; she was arrested in Georgia in 2008, for battery.
C.V. ran away from Texas in 1996 at the age of 14. In 2008 she got married, and the couple bought a house in the woods in what looks like a fairly rural area in Texas.
G.B. was abducted by his non-custodial mother from California in 1992, at age four. He graduated high school in 2006 (right on time, I believe) and then graduated from a community college in California in 2011.
Of a sibling group of three abducted from Indiana by their non-custodial mother in 2003, I found information on the youngest, L.J.R., who would now be about 14. She’s a homeschooled student in southern Indiana “and get to see the U.S.A. unlike public schooled children.”
T.C.L. ran away from his Illinois home in 2003, at age 15. Unfortunately he’s been in trouble with the law several times since then, most recently last December.
Y.R., who she ran away from her Florida home in 2004, at age 15, has also been arrested; she was hit with drug and burglary charges in 2009. I can’t find anything since then, though, and she’s not currently listed as being in prison or on probation/parole in Florida.
Brothers R.L.A. and R.R.A. were abducted by their non-custodial mother from Indiana in 1997, when they were 7 and 9 respectively. Both of them now live in Tennessee. In 2008, R.R.A. was injured in a car accident and had to be extracted from his car and taken to a hospital via helicopter.
M.M.G. ran away from her home in Minnesota in 2004, at age 15. Unfortunately, like some of the others on this list, she’s been in trouble: in 2010 she was indicted along with a slew of others on federal drug charges. Cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and ecstasy. She was already on some kind of probation or parole at the time. No word how the drug case turned out.
Sisters C.J.D. and K.A.B., aged 8 and 12, were abducted by their non-custodial mother in 1998. They were apparently educated poorly or not at all during the years they were missing. After they were located, they both went into a GED program and, in 2009, earned an achievement award for their efforts to better themselves.
Sisters A.T.S. and C.C.S., aged 6 and 8, were abducted by their non-custodial mother and uncle in 1999. I found a profile for C.C.S., who graduated high school in 2010. She notes that she’s lived in 19 different places and has had a very interesting life thus far.
K.A.W. ran away from her California home in 2004, at age 17. In April she was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for second-degree murder and vehicular manslaughter. Driving on a suspended license while high on methamphetamine (and pregnant), she ran over and killed a highway patrol officer. Very sad.
D.S. ran away from her Vermont home in 2004, when she was 16. She later enrolled in a prestigious art school in Chicago; her specialty is drawing.
M.S. was another early case that interested me; like K.A.C., she ran away at age twelve in 1998, from North Carolina, and was gone more than a year. According to an article I found, she gave birth to a premature baby boy almost exactly a year ago, and the hospital taught her how to give him CPR just in case. She praised their training program for giving her peace of mind.
I.D.D. ran away from Ohio at age 14, in 2004. I found an article from last summer saying she’s living in Florida and now has four children. She was charged with child neglect after she left the kids at home alone in the middle of the night, got drunk, and didn’t come back for five hours. She had a prior arrest record for domestic battery.
K.R.G. ran away from Oregon in 2005, when she was 13. She is now engaged and has been working at a fast food restaurant since last year.
C.N.B. like K.R.G., was 13 and ran away in 2005, from Oregon. In June 2010, at the age of 18, she applied for a license to marry her 25-year-old boyfriend.
H.C. ran away from Ohio at age 17, in 2004. She subsequently became one of the youngest inmates in the federal prison system after she was arrested on methamphetamine charges in Las Vegas at 18.

And that’s all I have time for right now.

(If you’ve guessed who some of these people are, don’t say their names in the comments. I referred to them using initials for a reason; I want to protect their privacy.)