New MP of the week

Due to this month’s blue funk/computer death problems, I missed two times where I was supposed to change my missing person of the week. But I have changed it today: Helga Charlet Smith, age 57, missing from Ellenton, Florida since Christmas Eve 2010. I only added her case back in December. I prefer to use cases I haven’t updated recently as my MP of the week (although my guidelines say anything I haven’t updated in three months is fair game). But Helga’s stepdaughter contacted me on Facebook and requested I profile her, so I obliged.

I’ve got nothing on her, alas. Her stepdaughter had some additional info, but not much.

Suspect convicted in Gabriel Johnson disappearance

Tammi Smith, who tried to illegally adopt seven-month-old Gabriel Johnson who’s been missing two and a half years, has been convicted of forgery and conspiracy to commit custodial interference in his case. (This was a few days ago but I just caught it; like I said, I’m behind.) She lied on a court document about Gabriel’s paternity because she knew the baby’s father, Logan McQueary, would not agree to the adoption. Smith faces up to three and three-quarters years in prison.

The big fish, however, is Gabriel’s mother Elizabeth Johnson, who is the last person known to have seen him and who had repeatedly threatened to kill him. She confessed his murder to a police officer but I think it got thrown out of evidence. Elizabeth is awaiting trial for custodial interference, kidnapping and child abuse.

Missing boy’s would-be adoptive mom convicted
Tammi Smith convicted in Baby Gabriel case
Tammi Smith convicted on multiple counts related to Baby Gabriel case