My apologies

I have done almost no updates this month and I am sorry. A large part of the problem is this new computer. I had my bookmarks backed up of course but for some reason I cannot find the most recent backup and am having to suffice with older ones. Which means going through and deleting all the bookmarks I no longer need. And something went wrong in the Google Chrome installation, where the bookmarks didn’t work; I would delete a bookmark, but it wouldn’t show unless I closed the bookmarks folder and opened it again. I solved this by un-installing and re-installing Chrome. But there remains the problem of trying to sort out which bookmarks are current and which are not.

Apropos of nothing: I had a conversation about my website with a woman today who had the usual attitude of “if you marry a Middle Eastern man he will take your kids to some godforsaken sandy country and you will never see them again.” I told her that if there is any particular nationality American would-be parents should be aware of, it is the Japanese. Mexico is by far the biggest abduction destination, probably because of our proximity to it and the large number of Mexican immigrants, but at least you have a chance to get your kid back from there. Japan, last I checked, hasn’t even signed the Hague Treaty, and does not recognize the custodial rights of fathers.