At last! Updated!

After more than two weeks, I’ve finally updated again. Fifteen updated cases and five new ones, squeaked in just twenty minutes before midnight. I would have had time to add more new cases if it weren’t for Sky Metalwala, whose casefile took a longer time to write all by itself than an entire day’s updates usually do. (And who does his mother think she’s fooling, with that ludicrous story of hers?)

I have like a zillion resolved cases but didn’t have time to do those today. Next time. (I would say “tomorrow” but don’t want to push my luck.)

Steve Powell guilty!

To the surprise of no one, Steve Powell, father-in-law of the missing Susan, has been found guilty of thirteen counts of voyeurism. In spite of defense attempts to create reasonable doubt, one juror said the prosecution “just presented a better case.”

Powell is scheduled to be sentenced June 15. He faces a maximum of five years in prison for each of the 14 counts.

Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said his office will seek an exceptional sentence based on the large number of convictions (14). If the judge allows that, Powell faces a sentence of up to 10 years.

It is not clear whether Powell could serve consecutive sentences for each count, which could amount to a 70 year sentence. This is his first criminal conviction.

Steve Powell’s legal troubles may not be over
Jury finds Steven Powell guilty on all voyeurism counts
Steven Powell guilty on 14 counts of voyeurism
Susan Powell looms over Wash. voyeurism conviction
Steven Powell’s daughter defends family on website, video
Susan Powell Home Videos Show Her With Josh, Steven Powell Before Disappearance
Steve Powell Convicted of 14 Counts Voyeurism but Still Won’t Speak on Disappearance of his Daughter-in-law

Okay, so I lied

I really did plan to update Tuesday, but stuff intervened.

I’ve been feeling really down lately, for a lot of reasons, many of which I can do nothing about. Again I quote from Emil Dorian’s diary:

The fatigue I’ve gathered year after year and stored inside now heaves a muted cry of helplessness. Nothing but fatigue, rounding my shoulders, heavier than ever on this late autumn day with a useless sun, a world of unforgiving disasters. So many struggles and tragedies, so much sorrow and egotism in this dark, in this rotting century of hate.

This too shall pass, however.

Years ago I read a young adult novel called Swallowing Stones. The novel was okay, nothing special, but contained a really awesome metaphor: the protagonist had been a lifeguard at a swimming pond one summer, and there was a girl who was diving for stones in the pond, putting them in her mouth so she could use both arms to swim. And she wound up choking on a stone and dying. The protagonist had to bring her body up to the surface. He later wondered: Why didn’t she just swallow the stone? It would have hurt but she would have lived.

I’ve had a lot of stones to swallow lately. I’m trying to stop them getting bigger and choking me.

*wanders off to take a nap or something*