An idea

As I have groused about before, it seems like nobody ever reads my FAQ and I get a lot of emails from people who have the wrong idea about me and what the Charley Project is and what it does. This is a waste of their time and mine.

An idea has occurred to me: maybe, I could put my contact email address on the FAQ page, at the BOTTOM of the page, and nowhere else on the website. Perhaps this would get people to actually learn a little about the Charley Project before they sent me their misinformed messages.

Or perhaps they would wind up just quickly scrolling to the bottom of the page, get my contact info and not read the rest.

Thoughts, anyone?

RIP Computer

My laptop fried today. Literally. The battery had been refusing to hold a charge these past few days, and the plug was loose inside its socket, and I was trying to tape it into place because the computer wouldn’t work otherwise — there was 0% battery, and the plug kept coming undone if you so much as breathed on it, and then the computer would turn off. I went away to get more tape and came back and the computer had turned off again and there was a puff of blue smoke (or, perhaps, the soul, going up to Computer Heaven).

I took it to Best Buy and they said the motherboard was dead but the hard drive was okay. The computer was almost three years old — I got it in late May 2009, just before my ill-fated trip to Washington DC — and I figure it just died of old age. I got a new laptop. Michael will help me transfer stuff off my old hard drive tomorrow.