India Parker gets three years

India Parker, mother of the missing Kaliyah Parker, has been sentenced to three years for evidence tampering. She admitted that after her daughter died, she put the body out with the trash, didn’t report the death and continued to collect Social Security benefits for Kaliyah for years afterward. (Why they’re not charging her with welfare fraud, like they did with the Bryant and Herrman parents, I don’t know.) India says it was a “lapse of judgement” not to report Kaliyah’s death and she’s sorry.

I believe, and I’m pretty sure the police believe, that she was responsible in some way for the little girl’s death. She had lost custody of her other kids and faced child endangerment charges before. India’s claiming Kaliyah simply died mysteriously in her sleep one night — which sometimes happens but is pretty unlikely. But if she did kill her daughter chances are she’s gotten away with it. They won’t be able to prove it now. Sigh.