A sad email

Yeah, haven’t updated yet. Maybe tomorrow. Got some other stuff going on.

I got a very sad email today from a woman whose mother (no, I’m not saying who) has been missing for a very long time and is on Charley. My correspondent was only three at the time and I guess she grew up believing her mother had abandoned her, when in fact it was in all likelihood foul play at the hands of the missing woman’s husband. But the cops can’t prove it. Anyway, she wrote me asking for more information about the case, saying she knew so little about it and felt lied to and betrayed. And I had to tell her that I don’t know any more about it than she does, in fact probably considerably less. I don’t even have any good photos of this woman.

I hope she is able to find some answers. I referred her to Project Jason, explaining she could get moral support at least from people whose family members were missing and therefore knew exactly how she felt. I wish I could have helped her. Her email brought tears to my eyes.