Two weeks ago I got an NCMEC notice saying Heather Cannon had been found safe. I had a Heather Cannon on Charley, a runaway teenager from Texas who’s been missing for two and a half years. So I pulled her casefile off of Charley and put up a resolved notice as per standard operating procedure.

Alas, it turns out I made a mistake: the NCMEC was referring to a different Heather Cannon than the girl I had on Charley. The Heather that was found is from Florida. I found out about the mistake when I got an email from LE telling me she was still missing and asking why I had posted the resolved notice.

Since they said they’d been getting a lot of tips from people saying Heather had been found and they knew this because they saw it on Charley, I thought I should write about this on my blog to say Heather has NOT been found and I was in error. Next time I update I will remove the resolved notice and put Heather back up. I need to start checking towns as well as names when I get an NCMEC resolved notice.

I may or may not update today; I’m not sure. The NCMEC site is down right now, it seems — I can’t get it to work and all their notices about new and updated posters are piling up in my inbox because I can’t look at the links. This is very annoying.