New MP of the week

External circumstances have gotten me feeling really down and generally angry over the past few days, and I don’t feel like updating at the moment. But it’s Tuesday and I have my MP of the week: Kyanja Keri Vanwey, a seventeen-year-old runaway who disappeared from Des Moines, Iowa in September 2005.

For some reason she wasn’t reported missing for close to four months, and as far as I know there haven’t been any leads on her disappearance. In addition to an AP, there are two photos of Kyanja, and she looks totally different in both. I would not recognize her from one photograph if I looked at the other.

Kyanja, if she is alive, would be 24 today.

UPDATE: To all the peeps out there concerned about my well-being, I’m fine. Really. Just angry about something terrible that happened to a good friend of mine, something which doesn’t directly affect me.

End of Etan Patz dig

They finished digging up the carpenter’s basement looking for Etan Patz. And, as I had figured, they found nothing. I don’t know whether that means the carpenter, Othniel Miller, was ruled out as a suspect or not. It may not matter much to him if he has been: his name’s been dragged through the mud in the national news and he’ll be drawing suspicious looks for quite awhile.