I wonder if they ever found her

While looking for information on another case I stumbled across this article in Google’s newspaper archive, about the disappearance of Louise Sanders, a young woman who vanished sometime in the late 1930s. She left her home in Alabama to go visit relatives in Illinois, and never came home. It looks like an interesting case, and the article includes a photograph of Louise (albeit a poor quality one) …but this article was written in 1972.

Frankly, it seems unlikely that they would have found her, given that by the time the article was written she’d already been missing for over thirty years. But I’m not going to assume she’s still missing based on a forty-year-old source.

Solomon Rose article

I was sent this article about the April 1, 1972 disappeared of Solomon Rose from Baltimore. He was three years old and vanished in broad daylight from a shopping center, presumably abducted. The article doesn’t provide any new information that I can see, but as I always say, it’s good that he got some publicity after forty years. I have very little info on his disappearance and only one, not very good quality, photograph.