Finally finished MSHP cases

For the simple reason that I was tired of looking at them, the past two updates I’ve concentrated on clearing out all my Missouri State Highway Patrol case backlog. Well, the deed is done, and I discovered an interesting (possible) double murder-without-a-body in the 1986 case of Sherry Wrisinger and her teenage daughter Johnna. Sherry’s husband was charged with their murders in 2009, but the case was dropped less than a year later after a key witness died.

I also updated Etan Patz‘s case with still more photos of him. He was such an adorable kid. If they ever do find him I’d have a hard time deciding which pic to use in the resolved section, for each one is cuter than the last.

I’ve been following the latest events with some interest but my money is still on Jose Antonio Ramos. I found a more recent (2010) picture of Ramos and put it in Etan’s casefile. He looks pretty much the same as he did in his 1986 photo except that his hair is white now. He looks like Santa Claus. He comes up for release in November. *shudders*

*goes off to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off*