People who disappeared on my birthday

I’m in a list-making mood tonight. So…presenting: people who disappeared on my birthday, October 5.

Colleen Vanita Simpson, age 14, Iowa, 1975
Daniel A. Naylor, age 14, California, 1982
Babette Nadine Alberti, age 23, Louisiana, 1983
Michelle Doherty Thomas, age 17, Texas, 1985 (my birthDATE!)
James Jamison, age 75, Iowa, 1987
Amanda Marie Rivera, age 14, California, 1990
Zeta D. Gordon, age 43, Kansas, 1992
Barry Paul Duncan, age 38, Arizona, 1994
Kenneth W. Harker, age 34, Iowa, 1996
Ronald W. Farrell, age 62, California, 1999
Andrea Michelle Reyes, age 1, Connecticut, 1999
Tristen Alan Myers, age 4, North Carolina, 2000
Eric M. Apatiki, age 21, Alaska, 2004
Janita Gay Sites, age 60, Nevada, 2005
Christie L. Wilson, age 27, California, 2005
Uvala Moises Anaya, age 64, Colorado, 2007
Eric Lawrence Brown, age 23, Arizona, 2009

One thought on “People who disappeared on my birthday

  1. didi sandoval September 17, 2012 / 1:45 am

    yeah! my aunty is velda leyba, i was born march 30,1980. Numers,big thing in my life! my aunty raised me, my mother and father were always on a sybstance and drinking. i got disowned to certain extent and stilll am. my life is a life of many sufferings mind body and soul,but whos isnt.:-) god bless.

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