More on Dwight Stallings

I wrote about Dwight Stallings on Sunday. The eleven-month-old has been missing for over a year and the cops just found out about it, and his mom, Tanisha Edwards (the last person known to have cared for him, now in jail on unrelated charges), has not been terribly helpful in locating him. It’s an all too familiar story. Well, I found this article with more details on the case.

According to new information from the Sheriff’s Department, Edwards’ accounts have included the following: That the baby grew sick and died at an unknown hospital; that the baby was with relatives she wouldn’t identify; that the baby was with black Muslim women she didn’t identify; and that the baby was taken by two men dressed in black.


Among her conflicting statements to detectives, Edwards has said she had no way of contacting the people who she gave her son to and that she kept communication minimal to protect herself, according to the Sheriff’s Department. She said two women had been calling her cell phone with updates on the child until December, when they stopped contact.

Sure. Whatever, Tanisha. It’s your own grave you’re digging.

UPDATE: He is now on NCMEC.


One thought on “More on Dwight Stallings

  1. Saffy March 29, 2012 / 4:14 am

    she’s a real piece of work. Obviously a loser junkie who probably sold her kid to someone or killed him. Either way she’s lying to save her own worthless ass.

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