Probable and possible suicides

I’m still thinking about the people who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and realized I’d never come up with a list of all the probable suicides listed on Charley. I thought I’d attempt it now:

Adrian Ferraras Almario, age 17, in 2006
Allison Taylor Bayliss, age 15, in 2011
Robert Ralph Beich, age 46, in 1990
Leonard Bernard Branzuela, age 32, in 1993
Casey Joanna Brooks, age 17, in 2008
Eric Dickson Cansler, age 40, in 2005
Ylenia Maria Sole Carrisi, age 23, in 1994
Atlanta Clark, age 73, in 1984
Lisa Ann Clark, age 39, in 1996
Jonathan Samuel Dorey, age 22, in 2010
Thomas Redd Evans, age 51, in 1994
Ronald Eugene Davis, age 34, in 1993
Andrew Cardoza Fluegelman, age 41, in 1985
Amador Garcia, age 27, in 1986
Brenton J. Garmire, age 43, in 1990
Patricia E. Gomez, age 23, in 1979
Gregory Dean Gothard, age 54, in 2006
Silvestre Reyes Hidalgo, age 38, in 1995
Jack Allen Hilton, age 25, in 1983
Robert F. Hughes, age 59, in 2008
Paresh Jain, age 25, in 2011
Danny Lee Kelley, age 35, in 1995
Jerry Wayne Lackey, age 36, in 1985
William Jeffers Lank, age 42, in 1992
Anthony P. Lee, age 24, in 1986
Maricel Tolentino Marcial, age 27, in 2002
William Thomas McKay, age 53, in 1993
Priscilla Giordano McKee, age 44, in 1991
Patricia Minassian, age 37, in 1996
Frank Oliva Sr., age 76, and his wife Mary Oliva, age 79, in 1973
Kristina Ashe Olsen, age 50, in 2008
John Pavlat, age 34, in 2002
Mark Wade Potts, age 45, in 2010
William Thomas Purcell III, age 38, in 2003
Robin Reed, age 15, in 1995
Andrew Brian Renton, age 46, in 2007
John Robert Scialabba, age 23, in 2001
Michael Joseph Scully, age 24, in 1986
Kristin Marie Snyder, age 35, in 2003
Hilary Harmon Stagg Jr., age 16, in 1970
Sandra Stricklin, age 24, in 1998
Matthew Vincent Sueper, age 22, in 2011
Kayoko Tomoikari, age 40, in 2003
Donna L. Urban, age 23, in 1983
Lewis Barrett Welch Jr., age 44, in 1971 (he was a minor character in one of Jack Kerouac’s books)
Matthew Chase Whitmer, age 20, in 2007
Charles White Whittlesley, age 37, in 1921 (a Medal of Honor winner)

They’re rather older than I expected — the average age is 38 years.

And some marginal cases, maybe-suicide-maybe-not:
David Scott Abramovitz, age 23, in 2001
Zachary A. Aylsworth, age 22, in 2006 (no disputing what he did, but rather his intent)
Robert Matthew Bockmann, age 26, in 2003
Charles Howard Bolter, age 69, in 1972
Tracee Jane Carter, age 40, in 2002
Merrian Lynn Carver, age 40, in 2004
Jennifer Rayleen Casper-Ross, age 30, in 2005
Steven Norman Chait, age 20, in 1972
Skip Conrad, age 57, in 2006
David Cortez Jr., age 27, in 2000 (a very odd case)
Lee Sterling Cutler, age 18, in 2007
Sandra Lee Davis, age 38, in 1974
George Wolfgang Dudding, age 45, in 1999
Kyle Andrew Carl Eppler, age 20, in 1999
Jonathan Lewis Ginsburg, age 32, in 1987
Roy Jacob Hagel, age 38, in 1989
Brian Eugene Helmuth, age 38, in 1999
Gregory Downes Howells, age 42, in 1997
Lonnett Myer Jackson, age 46, in 2006
Sandra Mary Jacobson, age 36, in 1996 (and her son John, see the list below)
Harry Weldon Kees, age 41, in 1955 (a Beat writer like Lew Welch mentioned above)
Dermot Faulkner Kelly, age 16, in 1972
Margaret M. Kilcoyne, age 50, in 1980
Bonita Louise Krummel, age 44, in 1991
Vincent Lamouris, age 18, in 2002
David J. Miller, age 27, in 2011
Ornaith Murphy, age 55, in 2001 (and her husband, see below)
Van T. Nguyen, age 26, in 2001 (and her children, see below)
Muni Bart Perzov, age 49, in 2009
Joseph David Wolfgang Pichler, age 18, in 2006
Brian Ross Ritchie, age 36, in 1999
Victorio Abueg Santiago, age 37, in 2002 (and his sons; see below)
Roger Schwerman II, age 19, in 1993
Bobby Nathan Simpson, age 32, in 2005
Shantina Marie Smiley, age 29, in 2010 (a very sad case)
Austin Sparks, age 15, in 2004 (like the Aylsworth case: we know what he did, but did he mean to harm himself?)
Michael Dean Stephenson, age 44, in 1996
Charles Southern Jr., age 39, in 1987
Arkadiy Tashman, age 17, in 2005
Joan Penderell Taylor, age 63, in 2003
Susan Walsh, age 36, in 1996
Robbie A. Wardwell, age 51, in 2008
Marvin Duane Witte, age 51, in 2005
George Robert Zelaya, age 61, in 2005

And, saddest of all, people who may have been victims of murder/suicides:
Carolyn Denise Brown, age 27, and her children Barry Michael Brown, age 6, Brandon Mitchell Brown, age 2, and Sheketah Michele Brown, age 10, in 1985
A.J. Campbell Jr., age 11 months, and his sister Myrisha Faye Campbell, age 3, in 1958
Rachel Lyn Conger, age 30, in 2008
Bekime Elshani, age 22, in 2008
John Henry Jacobson, age 5, in 1996
Kieran Murphy, age 58, in 2001
John Thai Nguyen, age 3, and his sister Kristina Thay Nguyen, age 4, in 2002
Isabella Pastrana, age 1, in 2003
Timmothy James Pitzen, age 6, in 2011
Daniel Borje Santiago, age 7, and his brother Noel Borje Santiago, age 11, in 2002
Reachelle Marie Smith, age 3, in 2006
Dennise Jeannette Sullivan, age 15, in 1961

Damion Davis turns down plea deal, goes nutso again

Per this article, when Damion Davis was offered a deal where he would plead guilty to a misdemeanor and get time served instead of standing trial for rape, he “began screaming and ranting wildly in court” about “trauma-based mind control.” Davis, if you’ll recall, is the prime suspect in this disappearance of Qua’Mere Rogers, the little boy who was in his care and thought to be his son (but actually not his son) when he vanished without a trace in November 2008. Repeated psych evals have ruled that Davis is faking his symptoms of mental illness.

In a rare thing for me, I actually like the comments on the article:

“Thankfully, you can’t fake the hair.”


“Only a confirmed racist would blame extraterrestrials. When will we stop discriminating against our little green brothers?”

Missing 411

I found this article and this article about a new book or books, Missing 411, about unsolved cases of people who went missing in national parks and wilderness areas. There’s actually two books: one covers the western US and Canada, and the other covers the eastern US. The eastern US book isn’t out yet but I’ve put in an order for the western one. It costs $24.95 and can be purchased here; for some reason you can’t buy it on Amazon.

From the cover I recognize photos of Derrick Engebretson, Dennis Lloyd Martin and Trenny Gibson — but since when is Tennessee a western state?

The website that sells the book is called North American Bigfoot Search. I wonder what the author will have to say about Theresa Bier, who disappeared from Fresno, California and is alleged to have been kidnapped by Bigfoot. I suppose I’ll find out when the book arrives.

REAL new MP of the week

I’ve had to remove John Cravens from my frontpage as it turns out he’s no longer missing. His replacement is Patrick David Penwell, who was 21 when he disappeared from Phoenix, Arizona at some unspecified date in May 2003. Very little information is available in Patrick’s disappearance, but foul play is suspected. He would be 30 years old now, if he’s still alive.