Alas, more jumpers

Only a week ago I wrote about some probable suicides on Charley, mostly Golden Gate Bridge related. And today, sadly, I added two more: Matthew Sueper, who was seen jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge last August, and Paresh Jain, who was probably a Golden Gate Bridge suicide too. At least I know he disappeared in San Francisco and it was more or less immediately ruled a suicide. I can’t find any mention of the bridge but I’d be surprised if that wasn’t his chosen method. He came there all the way from Virginia to do it — 2,700 miles.

Both of these were young men: 22 and 25, respectively. Right in the prime of their lives. And from the web postings I found by the friends and family they left behind, it’s obvious they were loved. Makes you wonder what happened.

This can’t be right

I was just writing up the casefile for Luis and Mariel Encarnacion. The NCMEC poster says she’s 5’4 and 75 pounds! That’s both unusually tall for a nine-year-old girl and unusually emaciated, and she doesn’t look like a concentration camp inmate in the photograph. I’m going to write down 4’4 instead.