Why does this happen?

I don’t get it — every once in a great while, the NCMEC will put up an age-progression of someone, then mysteriously remove it and not replace it with another. It happened with Mikelle Biggs (see her AP on her Charley Project page here). And I just noticed it happened with Fawn and Rozlin Abell. Their APs (Rozlin and Fawn) were put up a little over a year ago. And now they’re gone.

Sometimes someone (the families?) is unsatisfied with the original AP and the NCMEC makes a new one at the same age. In which case I’ll post both. But I don’t understand this business of just making them mysteriously disappear.

Yeah, kind of a cruddy week

Several days of vomiting and general fatigue caused by, I think, funky milk, capped off by a screaming argument with my mom, capped off by an inadvertent attempted grand theft auto on my part, capped off by the neighbors calling the cops…

Oh, I’m sure you DO want to know the details, but I think I’ll just tease you guys with this tantalizing glimpse.

(Mom and I made up, more or less.)