And today in Holocaust history

Sixty years ago today, five Jews were executed in the town of Sokal, Poland. (Now part of Ukraine.)

An aside: as I noted in the Executed Today entry, the diarist Moshe Maltz who was my source for the entry had his baby daughter killed by Nazis. The story of the baby’s death is worth telling as well: His wife and the baby were hiding in an attic during an Aktion while Nazis and Jewish policemen searched for hidden Jews. A Nazi sent a Jewish policeman up to the attic, who found them, but he came back down and lied and said there was no one there. At this point the baby cried out and the Nazi heard it and sent the Jewish policeman back up to get it. He told Moshe’s wife, “Look, I feel sorry for you, and I’ll let you go, but I’ve got to take that baby, he’s heard it already. You can go with it, or stay. I can say I found the baby abandoned up here.” And Moshe’s wife gave him the baby, and stayed, and lived. Moshe wrote that she had initially wanted to go with the baby, but decided to remain because she had another child to think about.

I wonder how many mothers would have had the courage — or was it cowardice — to remain in the attic. I wonder what decision I would have made, if I had been in her place. I wonder what Moshe thought of it all. He didn’t say.

Finally updated

I apologize for not having updated in ten days. I got addicted to Wanelo and started making all kinds of wishlists for items I have no serious intention of purchasing, and suddenly ten days had passed and there were 22 resolves and all kinds of updates to do. I updated twenty cases today. I will add new ones tomorrow.

I wrote a fairly detailed resolve notice for Amanda Slaughter. Read this feature article for the whole story. Her life and death could be seen as a cautionary tale for what might happen to you if you run away from home. She wanted to go back; if only she had swallowed her pride and her fear and picked up the phone! It’s a shame she wasn’t identified sooner, but I suppose it couldn’t be helped — everyone thought she was someone called Mandy Wells and only her boyfriend knew otherwise, and for reasons best known to himself he kept this a secret all that time.

I also did all the updates with the Shermantine/Herzog well discovery. It’s pretty huge, rather like a few years ago in New Mexico with the bodies on the mesa. It seems like half the MPs in California are going to turn up in those wells.

CBI updates

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has made a lot of updates to their missing persons page, with more photos, more info on cases, etc. A lot of this was taken from the Charley Project. CBI’s Julie Cunningham page, for example, now has Ted Bundy’s description of her gravesite. They got that from me. Their Teresa Schmidt page has information from me, too. Teresa (Terry) Schmidt is the only MP case I have a personal connection to. She was a good friend’s unofficial foster mother — my friend ran away in high school and moved in with his friend who was Terry’s stepson, and stayed with them until adulthood because his real family didn’t miss him and never bothered to go and get him. That friend provided me with some information about the case that wasn’t published in the papers. Now that info is on the CBI site, without one lick of credit.

I don’t mind people copying Charley information. The more places the info is at, the more useful it is likely to be. Heck, I’m flattered. But it would have been nice if CBI had, like, sent me a thank-you email or something.