Another MP from South Africa

Found this article about Edna Elaine Piercey, a sixteen-year-old girl who’s been missing from Rustenberg, South Africa since 2001. She was last seen walking to a friend’s house. The article has an AP drawing of her, as well as a letter written by her mother, Janine Lottering.

Just months after Edna disappeared, Lottering’s other daughter, Blanche disappeared and soon after her body was found.

Blanche was brutally murdered and her face was removed. “There was a hole where her face was,” Lottering said.

She also believes that her daughters’ tragedies are connected, that Blanche might have been taken by the same people who took Edna.

Holy crap. That’s horrible. Reminds me of the Debra Jean Cole disappearance and her sister Frances’s murder.

Josh Powell was cremated

According to this article, Josh’s death certificate has been released. The cause of death was given as carbon monoxide poisoning. He was cremated. That was a wise choice, as I think quite a few people would try to defecate on his gravesite if they had the chance.

Ann Rule to write about Susan Powell

According to this article, Ann Rule is going to write a book about the Susan Powell case. That is good news. I love Ann’s books. She’s an awesome writer and her books always sell well, which means this one could generate more tips. (Not that the case isn’t famous already!)

Susan’s sister thinks Josh poisoned her. He apparently cooked dinner for the family just before she disappeared, something he’d never done before, and she thinks he put something in Susan’s food. Either that or he was trying to lure her into a false sense of security before killing her some other way.