Elizabeth Smart gets married

I wrote earlier about how Elizabeth Smart had gotten engaged and was talking about a summer wedding. Well, she decided to get it over with quickly — presumably to avoid media attention — and married in Hawaii yesterday, in the presence of only her immediate family. She and the lucky man, Matthew Gilmour, will honeymoon at an undisclosed location and then live in Salt Lake City.

I hope her honeymoon plans don’t conflict with her scheduled speech in Fort Wayne on March 8, which I plan to attend. I bought a ticket for both the speech and cocktail party — meaning I should get a chance to meet her in person.

One thought on “Elizabeth Smart gets married

  1. Diane February 20, 2012 / 4:43 am

    I’m really happy she got married to the person she got married to. Matthew Gilmour is two years her junior, looks about her age, and looks to be someone she can feel safe and secure around. The Daily Mail posted some couple photos of the two together and she looks really relaxed and happy here:


    I hope he treats her well and that everything works out for them. And that they don’t rush things. I hope they spend a few years just enjoying life together before moving forward with planning on a family of their own. It would be nice for them to just be crazy young kids together and figure out all the usual twentysomething stuff.

    BTW, Elizabeth Smarth remains my favorite Mormon woman of all time because she doesn’t give off a nearly insane OTT “happy happy cheer cheer” vibe, not even in these candid photos. And I hope Matthew Gilmour knows that there’s a small army of Americans out there who’ll do serious harm to him if he breaks Elizabeth’s heart or lays a finger on her, me included. No pressure, heh heh.

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