Josh Powell editorials

Here, here and here.

I like the first one best:

Hindsight will be brutally clear. Foresight will be a little more difficult. And putting the ultimate blame on anyone other than Josh Powell will be unfair.

Even the maternal grandparents of 7-year-old Charlie and 5-year-old Braden, who had custody of the children and had every reason to mistrust their son-in-law, did not expect that Powell would do something so horrific. Our legal system does not, and should not, allow prosecutors to file murder charges without sufficient evidence, or encourage family courts to exclude an apparently loving father from the lives of his own children absent any compelling evidence.


But ferreting out the next Josh Powell will be just as difficult as preventing the acts of this one. Trying too hard will mean innocent children losing honest and loving parents just so no judge or social worker will have to go through what those involved in the Powell case are suffering today.

More details have come out about the murders. He attacked the boys with a hatchet. He’d been stockpiling gasoline. He gave their things away.

Where is Susan?