And to take your minds off of the tragedy in Washington

MP news that is not about Josh Powell’s cowardly murder/suicide:

The Morning Sentinel in Maine has done an article about cold case missing children there; it mentions Douglas Chapman, Cathy Moulton, Kimberly Moreau, Kurt Newton (why isn’t he on NCMEC?) and Bernard Ross. The article quotes the Charley Project in several places.

In New Zealand they’re digging for the body of Jefferie Hill, a two-year-old who disappeared in 1968. The dig site is at the property of a former neighbor, whom Jefferie’s mother thinks was involved in the disappearance. The neighbor died in the 1980s.

Per Annie of For the Lost: this four-month-old article about Natasha Paula Corley, who was abducted by her mother and probably taken to Mexico back in 2006. Natasha was a year and a half at the time and would now be six years old. Her father, Keith, stated she and her mother simply vanished one day when Keith showed up to get her for a visitation.

This article talks about Guy Pyke and Carol Wood, both of whom vanished from central New York in the nineties. Guy’s wife of over 50 years died in January.

The body of Jason Wing has been identified. He disappeared in August 2010 at the age of 21 and was found last week, shot to death. Dustin J. Trimm has been charged with second-degree murder in his case.

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Josh Powell commentroversy

As to be expected, Josh Powell’s family and supporters have crawled out of the woodwork to blame Susan’s parents, child protective services, the Utah police, the state and pretty much anyone other than him for yesterday’s murder-suicide. See the comments sections of this article and this one, and probably others.

One of his relatives is quoted as saying, “I can tell you that Josh was terrorized. I’m sure there are people out there who would consider this appropriate given the mass assumption of his guilt…is this the appropriate method of alternate prosecution? This reminds me of North Korea…”

In the comments section someone was saying “this would have never happened if the children had been returned to him, there was no evidence of threat to the children.” Um…yeah. No evidence of threat to the children, and then he blows them away in an enormous fireball. It’s kind of like saying, “If the battered wife hadn’t tried to leave her husband, he wouldn’t have killed her.”

But seriously, people, let’s take Susan Powell entirely out of the picture for a moment. Pretend Josh was totally innocent and really was railroaded and pilloried unjustly over the last two years. I think that’s highly unlikely, but let’s pretend. This might drive a man to suicide. If he wanted to kill himself, I suppose this was his business. I believe a person has a right to destroy themselves. But he had NO RIGHT, NO REASON to take those innocent boys with him. No matter how Josh’s family wants to spin it, the man is at the very least a child killer, a double murderer.

And, like every violent crime, this will have complications that reach farther than we can imagine right now. Think of Susan’s family — it’s not necessary to say that they’re devastated. Think of Josh’s family; much as I dislike them, they are hurting right now too, and not all of them are sexual perverts or criminals. Think of the two boys’ teachers, who will have to somehow explain the loss to the children’s classmates. The judge who allowed supervised visits but denied Josh custody. The cops trying to solve the mystery of Susan’s disappearance. The social worker who was pounding frantically on the locked door while Josh was inside killing the kids; when will she be able to go back to work, if ever? All of those people — all of them and more — are suffering horribly as a result of Josh’s actions.