Ripped apart

I found this Seattle News article about the bias against fathers in family court when it comes to getting visitation/custody of their kids, and with domestic violence issues. It’s not about missing children or family abduction, but I think it’s relevant to post on here because the case studies described therein are at risk for a family abduction happening. It’s a long article, but well worth the read.

Susan Powell’s parents to keep her kids

To the surprise of no one, a Washington judge turned down Josh Powell’s request to get custody of his and Susan Powell‘s children from her parents.

Josh is a suspect in Susan’s disappearance and after she went missing he took the kids and moved in with his father, Steve Powell. Later the cops found a huge collection of nude videos and pictures on Steve’s computer, some of them of Susan, some of children, taken without their knowledge. Although Josh hasn’t faced any charges in connection with this, the porn was a factor in the judge’s decision not to let him get custody. The judge won’t even consider changing her mind until Josh undergoes a psycho-sexual evaluation. He does have supervised visitation with the children, twice a week.