Oscar Emeasoba article

The Washington Examiner, which occasionally covers little-known cases in the DC area, has written an article about Oscar Emeasoba, who was abducted by his father nearly twenty years ago from Silver Spring, Maryland. He’ll be 23 in March.

The article doesn’t have much detail but does mention the father’s nationality. From the name I figured he must be African, but I didn’t know from what country. Turns out he’s Nigerian. He might have taken Oscar to Nigeria, or they might still be living not too far from where the little boy was taken.

One thought on “Oscar Emeasoba article

  1. Franklin September 12, 2012 / 6:10 pm

    Oscar Emeasoba. is fine and doing great in Nigeria. He just lost his dad ( Augustine Emeasoba), 3weeks ago and he has been buried. He is really eager to see his mum. His mobile detail is +2347036764893.
    Kind regards

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