FINALLY updated MP of the week

For the first time in yonks, I finally changed my missing person of the week. It is now Diana Isabel Gonzalez, a teen who ran off with a man more than twice her age back in 2005. They’re probably in Mexico.

For the past several weeks I’d been either too sick/tired or too forgetful to change it in time. Someone finally complained.

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5 Responses to “FINALLY updated MP of the week”

  1. Robin-NH Says:

    I am still seeing Lester Raymond Jones, Jr, listed as the missing person of the week. I would guess that my well-there-it-has-a-mind of its-own computer is causing me problems,,,Again.

  2. Robin-NH Says:

    Clearly, along with computer skills, punctuation is not my friend.

  3. Robin-NH Says:

    Thank you, Meaghan! I refreshed the page and was able to see the new update.

  4. Mildred Jones Says:

    Lester names is Lester Ray Jones Jr. Not Raymond

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