More news in the Qua’mere Rogers disappearance

I’ve written before about the very strange disappearance of Qua’mere Rogers. His father, Damion Davis, claims he gave the boy away to a strange man sometime in July 2007, but we’ve only got Damion’s word on this and the man is a chronic liar who has lived under a zillion aliases and lied about his age, etc. Qua’mere’s mother was only in her mid-teens when he was born. She said Damion (whom she knew by another name) was very abusive and she left him in 2006, and never saw her son again.

After Qua’mere’s disappearance was finally reported in July 2009, Damion was charged with statutory rape of Qua’mere’s mother. His trial has been postponed just before it was supposed to start, however, since Damion has suddenly begun acting crazy.

Davis began ranting that Aloi, Cali and Smith [the judge, prosecutor and defense attorney] all were among the legions of extraterrestrials who have taken over the world.

He also accused Aloi of being God, claiming the judge and the prosecutor had been visiting him in his jail cell. Any missing children are the result of activity by extraterrestrials, Davis claimed.

“We need to get together as a human race and deal with the extraterrestrials,” he told Aloi.

Davis then went on to claim aliens are using Planned Parenthood facilities in Syracuse to clone babies and implant them in men to give birth. He also claimed he had been kidnapped by aliens, accounting for a 10-year time period when he was missing himself.

Several times, Aloi tried to interrupt, but Davis just continued his rant as he sat at the defense table beside Smith.

I would totally bet money that he’s faking it.

DNA tests performed in September proved that Damion was NOT Qua’mere’s father, after all, although both Damion and the boy’s mother thought he was. That isn’t going to stop the statutory rape prosecution, though.

The police think Qua’mere was probably murdered. There’s an article about his disappearance that ran just before Damion became “crazy.” It has some new information.

4 thoughts on “More news in the Qua’mere Rogers disappearance

  1. Kim January 19, 2012 / 12:55 am

    I realize the mother was young but she totally abandoned her child and left him in the car of an abusive mentally ill and dangerous man. She had to have known there may be a paternity mix up too. She should have taken the baby with her when she left.

    • Diane January 19, 2012 / 1:45 am

      Agreed, but it may be asking a bit much for the teen mom in this case to act logically or think of anyone beyond herself. I wonder if child endangerment charges could be brought against her or if that’s just pure editorializing.

      BTW, I couldn’t help but read the words “Damion was NOT Qua’mere’s father” in Maury Povich’s voice, then imagining the teen mom running off the set and collapsing backstage while Damion stays on the set, dancing and giving high fives to certain members of the audience. Which tells me I’ve watched way too many Maury paternity shows. Though (bitchy mode on) I’m sure at least all of Maury’s paternity show moms would’ve gone into mama lion mode and protected their kid(s) against a predator, no matter how many men they’ve brought on the show to test. (Bitchy mode off.)

    • Meaghan January 22, 2012 / 10:40 pm

      The mother hasn’t been identified but her brother was quoted in one of the articles. I found his Facebook profile and found myself looking through his friends, wondering which of those was his sister and Qua’Mere’s mom. No way to tell.

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