At last, an update in the Bryant boys’ cases

I have written about Austin and Edward Bryant, two biological brothers who were adopted out of foster care in Colorado. They disappeared — apparently separately — and no one’s sure when or how. Their adoptive “parents” never reported them missing. Just like in the Adam Herrman case. Actually, the similarities are striking:

  1. In both cases, the boys’ foster parents adopted them
  2. There were other children in both homes
  3. Adam was “homeschooled” and so was Austin, not sure about Edward
  4. There are serious allegations of abuse in both the Bryant and the Herrman homes
  5. The parents got state benefits for the children, which they continued to collect long after the disappearances
  6. Years passed before the boys were reported missing
  7. In both cases the parents provided conflicting stories to explain the disappearances before the boys were reported missing
  8. After the missing persons reports were filed, both Adam’s parents and Edward and Austin’s parents told the police they ran away from home
  9. Both sets of parents were charged in connection with all the benefits they took after the boys were no longer living with them
  10. And, of course, in both cases foul play is suspected

    Anyway, this week Edward and Austin Bryant’s mother, Linda, pleaded guilty to theft, conspiracy to commit theft, and attempting to influence a public servant. She faces 4 to 648 years in prison, depending on whether her sentences will run concurrently or consecutively. Sentencing is on March 30. I hope it runs to the high end, if only so the authorities will have time to find out what happened to the boys.

    If they are alive — and I think it’s extremely unlikely — Edward would be 19 today and Austin would be 15. But they’ve probably both been dead for years.