Haven’t written in a few days

I haven’t updated Charley (save to change the MP of the week) or this blog in several days. There really hasn’t been much happening — not many articles on the types of MP cases Charley covers. All I can find right now are foreign cases, or ones less than six months old. Oh, and that Donna Jou‘s killer is being released from prison.

The cut on my hand finally closed, though it’s not fully healed yet. My headache is about the same. It hurt pretty bad last night and I called my friend Brad as a distraction. We talked for about an hour, about things like man-eating African animals and the Kennedy assassination, and somewhere along the way the pain vanished and did not return.

Today I’m going to Ohio to meet up with my father and have dinner and see a movie. I haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving.

I’ll try to update soon. I’ve just been feeling rather lazy lately.

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