Recent correspondence

A few days ago I had someone write me suggesting a possible UID match for one of my cases. I wrote back referring her to NamUs and the Doe Network. She wrote me again, and again I referred her. Then — I think she was genuinely bewildered — she replied, saying she didn’t understand why, if I had this humongous website, was I not interested in trying to solve the cases. After all, she’d sent me this possible match and I didn’t seem to care about it.

I do wish people would take the time to actually look at my FAQ — or even just the first few words of the text on Charley’s frontpage — before they contacted me. I really felt kind of bad. But the fact is, I have no interest in making matches and would be hopeless if I tried, seeing as how (as I’ve written here before) all people look alike to me. And even if I had concurred with her about the match, I’m a civilian and not the person to send tips too.

I think I’ll stick with what I’m good at: cataloging and publicizing these MPs so OTHER people have an easier time making matches.