Geralyn Graham to go to trial in March

It looks like Geralyn Graham is finally, finally, finally going to trial for the murder of Rilya Wilson, the child she was fostering, who disappeared in 2001. Rilya’s case was catastrophic bad press for Florida’s Department of Children and Families; she was missing for over a year before DCF caseworkers noticed.

The trial date is March 26.

Lee Evans acquitted of five murder charges

Lee Evans has been acquitted of murdering Randy Johnson, Michael McDowell, Melvin Pittman, Ernest Taylor and Alvin Turner back in 1978.

Frankly, I had a feeling this was going to happen. The prosecution’s evidence was very weak and the case a very old one. I thought that if was convicted it would be more likely because he basically provided no defense. I think the Evans trial had a lot in common with the Caylee Anthony case — we know he/she did it but we can’t prove it, and proof is required.

I feel very sorry for the families of those boys today.

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Jennifer Marteliz’s mom writes a book

Kathy Longo, the mother of Jennifer Marteliz who disappeared from Florida in 1982 at the age of seven, has written and self-published a book about her daughter’s disappearance, titled Jennifer, Where Are You?

She also has a website about the book and Jennifer’s disappearance, containing several photos I hadn’t previously seen. The Tampa Tribune did a thorough series about Jennifer’s disappearance back in 1999, and it’s reprinted on the site as well.

I hope the book leads to some interest.