“Clinton Avenue Five” case nearing its conclusion

The jury is deliberating as to whether to convict Lee Evans of murdering Melvin Pittman, Randy Johnson, Michael McDowell, Alvin Turner and Ernest Taylor, five teenage boys who disappeared together from Newark, New Jersey back in 1978. Evans and two accomplices, Philander Hampton and Maurice Woody-Olds (they were cousins), allegedly trapped them in a house and set it on fire.

Woody-Olds, being dead, is beyond the reach of our justice. Hampton pleaded guilty and testified against Evans in exchange for a ten-year sentence AND the promise of $15k once he gets out!

Evans chose to represent himself, which is really a terrible idea — there’s an old adage that a person who represents himself at a trial has a fool for a client. But he did have an actual lawyer “assisting” his case. We shall see how this plays out.

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Convo with my chiropractor

HIM: So, have you ever tried illegal drugs?
ME: For my headaches? No.
HIM: Well, I mean, medical marijuana…
ME: I smoked pot a few times when I was, like, sixteen.
HIM: I mean, it’s illegal here, so obviously, as a medical professional, I could not suggest that you try it. But, well, they do have it in California, and they say it works very well for headache pain.
ME: Uh-huh.
HIM: I’m not advising you do commit any illegal acts. I’m just saying, some people have gotten relief from it.