Headache update

I think my headache problem is getting better.

I know I have thought/said this before, but I think it’s for real this time. The main reason being that the improvement has been gradual. Previously there were several incidents where the pain would just stop all at once and I’d think I’d been cured, only for it to return within days or weeks. But this time is different.

I’m still in pain, but I’m not in nearly as much pain, nor am I in pain all the time like I was. There were several times this fall when several days passed without me needing to take any medicine. (This doesn’t necessarily mean I wasn’t in pain, it just meant it was low-level pain I could shrug off.) Like, when Michael and I and his roommates went to Chicago last weekend, I thought to myself “The Headache had better not bother me and interfere with my fun.” And it didn’t. Nor is it bothering me too much this weekend, though I did have a bad time on Thursday.

As to why things are improving…heck if I know. Perhaps it was the massages and chiropractor visits. (Though I haven’t seen either recently.) Perhaps the pain was caused by some kind of virus that my immune system is finally throwing off. This whole headache thing may well end just as mysteriously as it began. Sometimes that happens.