St. Martin’s true crime books

Yesterday at the library I checked out a bunch of true crime books pertaining to some of my Charley Project cases. They were all by St. Martin’s Press, except one. It’s kind of a trashy publisher that puts out these cookie-cutter crime books at the rate of one a month, but I wasn’t reading them for their literary value. I got books for Janet March, Gail Katz-Bierenbaum, Khristine Smith, Jana Carpenter-Koklich, Irene Silverman, Ann Mineko Racz and Thomas and Jackie Hawks. With the exception of the Silverman and Hawks cases, these are all domestic homicides — their husbands were convicted of killing them.

So far I’m a little over halfway through the Janet March book. It hasn’t told me much that I didn’t already know. Perry is such a psychopath and I feel so sorry for their children. Sammy must be about 21 years old now and Tzipora 16 or 17. (I found what is presumably Tzipora’s Formspring profile and it has a picture of her. She strongly resembles Janet.) I hope their grandparents were able to insulate them from the worst of it, but nothing can change the fact that their father murdered their mother.

The thing is, if Perry hadn’t tried to hide Janet’s body and dragged the case out for so long, if he had just ‘fessed up when the murder happened, he would have saved many people (including himself) a lot of trouble and might even be out of prison right now. Often psychopaths turn into their own worst enemies — so arrogant that they act against their own interests.