Added Zaylee Fryar today

I added the case of Zaylee Fryar today. It’s so sad. There’s been no news about her for months, though surely the toxicology results on her mother’s body must have come back by now and the police might have a better idea as to what the cause and manner of death were.

Zaylee’s mother, Shauna…wow. 28 years old. Eight kids under the age of twelve (one of whom pre-deceased her). Drug abuse history. None of the children, except Zaylee, were living with her, on account of her drug abuse problem. She’d been charged with child abuse and neglect before. But it seems like she had a lot of people who loved her, not the least her long-suffering husband.

From what little I know about the case I’d guess that Shauna took Zaylee and went out to get drugs, then had an accidental overdose and died, and whoever gave her the drugs, or whoever was with her, put her body in the river and did god-knows-what with the baby.

I hope the baby is still alive. She looks so adorable in the pictures. I wish this case had gotten more attention in the press; it might have been solved quickly if it had. There’s only been a few articles in Tennessee, where Zaylee disappeared from.