Additional complications and life

The internet connection at Michael’s (where I am now pretty much living) is screwed up. The wireless is gone, and for some reason everyone can get wired connection except me. Yet another stumbling block in the way of keeping the site up in line with my own standards. Sigh. But he says it will be fixed. In the meantime, I get to the library when I can to use their connection. And I read a lot.

As for me, things have been rough, but might get better: this weekend I’m going to Chicago with Michael and some other friends. Dr. Easley says I can’t take Fentanyl anymore because of the side effects, and he’s decided to stop prescribing Demerol to anyone anymore. He went to some conference and learned some horrible things about it. So now I’m on Dilaudid, which isn’t as good — there’s less pain relief and more sedation than I had with Demerol — but is better than nothing.

Also, I’ve been to see a chiropractor several times. He prescribed a bunch of herbal supplements and has been doing adjustments. The result so far is predictable: the Headache improved markedly for a few days, then I slammed back into my usual level of pain. This tends to happen with any non-drug treatment I try. But I have decided to keep seeing him for the time being.