Working on Holly Bobo

I’ve spent the last few hours writing up the Holly Bobo case and I’m not done yet. The case reminds me a great deal of Elizabeth Smart’s, for two reasons: Holly looks very much like Elizabeth (absolutely gorgeous to boot), and also the sheer difficulty of putting together a coherent chain of events for the casefile. Jenni was the one who wrote Elizabeth’s initial casefile and she said it took all day, not because of the volume of information but because there was so much contradiction. I’m finding that with Holly too: first she was abducted from her home, then she was abducted from outside, her brother saw her being dragged into the woods, wait, no, she lead into the woods, etc etc etc.

Alas, I think it’s likely that she met with an awful fate. It’s been six months now and the police don’t seem to know anything.

Carlina White, almost a year later

Someone sent me this fascinating feature telling the story of Carlina White/Nejdra Nance’s complicated reunion with her biological family. I had predicted that this would be troublesome and I was right, but all is not lost. I believe Carlina and her bio-family can iron out the problems between them and have a good relationship — though not, obviously, the same one they would have had if they had raised her. Carlina seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and to be making the best of bad circumstances.