Updated again today

Back in the saddle again, maybe? No new cases yet, though, just updated old ones.

I’m reading Cal Millar’s book I’m Missing – Please Find Me: Crime Stoppers: Missing Persons. It’s pretty much like what the Charley Project would be if it were set down on paper. There are 350 cases in the book and I’m making note of the ones that have info I didn’t have.

I updated some cases today with info taken from the book. For instance, Lilly Aramburo was a child star on a well-known Spanish language TV show. I had had no idea and it’s certainly worth noting in her casefile, even though it’s not related to her disappearance. There was a lot of stuff about Shari Apgar‘s husband that I hadn’t known either. Etc.

Kendrick Jackson murder trial ongoing

Roderick Terrell Fountain is finally on trial, five and a half years after the disappearance of his three-year-old son, Kendrick Jackson, from Houston, Texas. It looks like a pretty typical child abuse homicide case, except that Kendrick’s body has never been found.

Roderick denies everything. He’s already serving fifteen years on a weapons charge. I think he faces life if convicted of Kendrick’s murder.

Kendrick would have been eight years old this year.

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