Feeling much better

I can sleep fine now, and that’s what I did most of yesterday and all of last night. The muscle tremors are mostly gone. For several days I had itched unbearably all over my body — a common reaction with opiates, caused by release of histamines, and skin lotion etc won’t help because the itching is coming from inside your body, not out on your skin. Anti-histamines like Benadryl never did much for me for stopping the itch. Well, it’s mostly stopped now. Perhaps I just had to get used to it.

It felt wonderful when I was able to remove the Fentanyl patch this morning after the statuory three days. It itched so much underneath not only because of histamines but because of all the glue and crap used to stick it to my body, and it felt wonderful to be able to scrape my skin clean and scratch it really hard.

I guess I just had to get used to the side effects. Good thing I didn’t have any plans for this weekend, though, cause I was pretty much unable to function. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to drive anywhere.

And — this is the most important thing — there is still no pain.