Editorial about Josh Powell

I found this editorial about Josh Powell, Susan Powell‘s husband. In the wake of Josh’s father’s child porn and voyeurism arrest, Josh lost custody of his kids to Susan’s parents, Judy and Chuck Cox. At first it was just for a few days until another hearing, but at that hearing they decided to let Susan’s parents keep the boys until November 15 at least. Josh only gets supervised visitation, one day a week.

As the editorial points out, there’s a strong bias towards keeping kids with their bio-parents, and the pedophile grandfather was in jail and therefore out of the picture. The fact that in spite of this Josh still did not get the children back, says a lot for what the judge thought of him. I too found it disturbing that Josh said he would rather have his children be cared for by foster parents (that is, strangers) than live with the Coxes. That hardly sounds like a loving, unselfish father to me.

I wonder how much the children know about the situation, and what their father has told them about Susan and Susan’s parents. They’re only four and six years old now. The judge ordered both children as well as the Coxes to get counseling. That can only be a good thing. The judge also told the Coxes not to say nasty things about Josh in front of the children, but I don’t think they would have anyway. Judy and Chuck have been very cool and restrained about the investigation and Josh in spite of what they’ve been through and the way he’s behaved. They strike me as a very classy couple and the best people to take care of their grandchildren right now.

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