Additional complications and life

The internet connection at Michael’s (where I am now pretty much living) is screwed up. The wireless is gone, and for some reason everyone can get wired connection except me. Yet another stumbling block in the way of keeping the site up in line with my own standards. Sigh. But he says it will be fixed. In the meantime, I get to the library when I can to use their connection. And I read a lot.

As for me, things have been rough, but might get better: this weekend I’m going to Chicago with Michael and some other friends. Dr. Easley says I can’t take Fentanyl anymore because of the side effects, and he’s decided to stop prescribing Demerol to anyone anymore. He went to some conference and learned some horrible things about it. So now I’m on Dilaudid, which isn’t as good — there’s less pain relief and more sedation than I had with Demerol — but is better than nothing.

Also, I’ve been to see a chiropractor several times. He prescribed a bunch of herbal supplements and has been doing adjustments. The result so far is predictable: the Headache improved markedly for a few days, then I slammed back into my usual level of pain. This tends to happen with any non-drug treatment I try. But I have decided to keep seeing him for the time being.

Working on Holly Bobo

I’ve spent the last few hours writing up the Holly Bobo case and I’m not done yet. The case reminds me a great deal of Elizabeth Smart’s, for two reasons: Holly looks very much like Elizabeth (absolutely gorgeous to boot), and also the sheer difficulty of putting together a coherent chain of events for the casefile. Jenni was the one who wrote Elizabeth’s initial casefile and she said it took all day, not because of the volume of information but because there was so much contradiction. I’m finding that with Holly too: first she was abducted from her home, then she was abducted from outside, her brother saw her being dragged into the woods, wait, no, she lead into the woods, etc etc etc.

Alas, I think it’s likely that she met with an awful fate. It’s been six months now and the police don’t seem to know anything.

Carlina White, almost a year later

Someone sent me this fascinating feature telling the story of Carlina White/Nejdra Nance’s complicated reunion with her biological family. I had predicted that this would be troublesome and I was right, but all is not lost. I believe Carlina and her bio-family can iron out the problems between them and have a good relationship — though not, obviously, the same one they would have had if they had raised her. Carlina seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and to be making the best of bad circumstances.

Updated again today

Back in the saddle again, maybe? No new cases yet, though, just updated old ones.

I’m reading Cal Millar’s book I’m Missing – Please Find Me: Crime Stoppers: Missing Persons. It’s pretty much like what the Charley Project would be if it were set down on paper. There are 350 cases in the book and I’m making note of the ones that have info I didn’t have.

I updated some cases today with info taken from the book. For instance, Lilly Aramburo was a child star on a well-known Spanish language TV show. I had had no idea and it’s certainly worth noting in her casefile, even though it’s not related to her disappearance. There was a lot of stuff about Shari Apgar‘s husband that I hadn’t known either. Etc.

Kendrick Jackson murder trial ongoing

Roderick Terrell Fountain is finally on trial, five and a half years after the disappearance of his three-year-old son, Kendrick Jackson, from Houston, Texas. It looks like a pretty typical child abuse homicide case, except that Kendrick’s body has never been found.

Roderick denies everything. He’s already serving fifteen years on a weapons charge. I think he faces life if convicted of Kendrick’s murder.

Kendrick would have been eight years old this year.

Former girlfriend testifies in murder trial of dad accused of killing 3-year-old son
HPD officers testify in murder trial of dad accused of killing 3-year-old son
Snitch says dad told him missing boy ‘deserved what he got’
Murder trial begins for man whose son went missing in 2006
Powerful Opening Statements in Dad’s Murder Trial

Christopher Szczepanik found dead

They finally found Christopher Szczepanik’s body. He had been missing with his parents, Jaqueline and Vanderlei, from Nebraska for almost two years. The family were missionaries from Brazil who were renovating an old school to turn it into a missionary training center for a Florida-based church. The police believe three of Vanderlei’s employees killed the Szczepaniks for money. One of the suspects is not in custody; he’s somewhere in Brazil and they’re trying to find him and extradite him for trial.

Both of Christopher’s parents’ bodies are still missing and may never be found.

I just don’t get it how people can be so cruel and heartless. Three people killed in cold blood, people who had done nothing. Especially the little boy. He was all of seven years old. And it sounds like such a nice family they were. I have read a lot of terrible things but this bit of news turned my stomach:

In a court hearing, a detective detailed a savage, methodical attack in which three men jumped their boss, Vanderlei Szczepanik, beating him to death with a bat and metal rod.

The detective also testified that Jaqueline Szczepanik watched as her husband died — then had to wait minute after agonizing minute, perhaps an hour or more, for her and her son to meet the same fate.

And for the first time, testimony revealed the cause of death of Jaqueline and Christopher: hanging.


The hanging apparently rendered the boy unconscious but did not kill him, Goncalves told police. The boy’s heart was still beating rapidly after the men cut him down.

I have nothing else to say about this.

Detective: Brazilians slain at home
Szczepanik Family Members React To Recovery Of Body
Family: Discovery of Brazilian boy’s body in Missouri River confirms fears over missing family
Finding boy’s body a ‘miracle’

Still hanging

The longer I go without updating, the more stuff piles up. The more it piles up, the more discouraged I get, the less point there seems to be in updating. This month I’ve been avoiding the computer altogether for four or five days at a time — something I haven’t done since I got my first computer when I was about eight years old — and then logging on, taking care of the 150 or so emails that have accumulated, and logging off again.

I must get off this vicious never-ending cycle.

And on top of it all my health sucks, my relationship with Michael sucks, my life in general sucks. *goes out into the rain to scrub crap off a rat cage*

Another abductee memoir

Tanya Kach has, with Lawrence Fisher, written a book about the time she was missing, called Memoirs of a Milk Carton Kid. It just came out a few days ago. Tanya’s story is a bit different from other abductees’ books: she initially ran away in the mid-nineties when she was 14. She went to go hide out at the home of her high school security guard, whom she’d been secretly dating. Conditions got worse, though, after the security guard refused to let her leave. She was basically held captive in his house against her will, whilst being sexually abused, for a decade before she escaped.

I’ve requested that the library buy a copy of the book. I still need to read Jaycee Dugard’s and Natascha Kampusch’s books. I wonder if Shawn Hornbeck will write one when he’s older?

Scarily, according to one article I found, the guy who did this to Tanya comes up for parole in five months.

Some articles:
Tanya Kach Discusses ‘Memoir Of A Milk Carton Kid’
Kach’s book tells of decade spent as McKeesport hostage
Captive sex slave for 10 years tells her story

(And on another note, I really should stop reading the comments on articles about crime and missing people. Sometimes the comments produce useful nuggets of information, but more often they just sadden/anger/disgust me. One commenter on a Tanya Kach article (not one of the articles linked above) said “She brought it on herself by going to his house.” Yes, by visiting a friend’s house you surrender your right to your freedom for the next ten years. Uh-huh. Similarly, there was one that was like, “Well, of course I feel sorry for her, but it was technically her fault.” Her fault? What about the sexual predator who took advantage of her and raped her and kept her a prisoner in his house throughout her entire adolescence? Does any fault lie with him? *headdesk*)

Unhappy birthday, Headache

A year ago today, I woke up in the morning with a splitting headache… and the rest, as we all know, is history.

Had I known that the pain would last for a year (seven or eight dexamethasone-fueled weeks of relief aside), I would have gone bonkers. But here I am, a year later, still in pain and managing, somehow. It seems like every time I decide I can’t take it anymore, it turns out I can. That’s become my second-favorite personal motto, right after “Why does this always happen to me?”

You may have won most of the battles up till now, Headache, but you will lose the war. I can prove to be a relentless enemy and I will pursue you until you are lying facedown in the dust.