Possible connection between two Albuquerque women’s cases

According this Albuquerque Journal article, the police are investigating a possible connection between the 1992 disappearance of Velda Leyba and the murder of Lisa Duncan, who disappeared five months after Velda and was found dead a few months later. Both of them were last seen in the same house, which was never searched, even though the police noticed blood on the carpet.

Well, they’re searching the house now. It’s twenty years after the fact, but the current owner says it’s still the same carpet. A confidential informant told the police that both Velda and Lisa were killed there.

Better late than never, I guess.

10 thoughts on “Possible connection between two Albuquerque women’s cases

  1. Danielle September 24, 2011 / 11:22 pm

    I have been working and not able to visit this page/blog very often. I am so sorry about your headaches. I hope there is a treatment for you and you are feeling better!!!

  2. Kat September 26, 2011 / 9:52 am

    I…wait, what??? Twenty years, same carpet, possible homicides… It’s enough to make you rip everything out and do a wall to wall renovation as soon as you buy a place. Getting back to the story, it’s good they are finally trying to close these cases, no matter how long it has been, but you know that the whole internet coverage thing plays a part. Good for the families though.

  3. lydie October 2, 2011 / 11:24 pm

    the person that murdered lisa got away with it so does that mean that the same person that murdered her is a suspect i the disappearance of this other person?

    • Meaghan October 3, 2011 / 6:51 am

      The murderer got away with it SO FAR. There’s no statute of limitations on murder and they might very well catch him/her yet. I’ve seen cases where they’ve arrested 80-year-old for murders committed fifty years ago. I would assume they’re looking at the same suspect, since it’s the same house, but the police haven’t said.

  4. lyndie October 6, 2011 / 4:14 pm

    They did make arrests, and from what I understand one went to jail but the other one didn’t.

  5. Leah October 14, 2014 / 3:23 pm

    To my understanding, Rudy Gonzales Jr was convicted for Lisa Duncan’s murder. He later appealed the conviction and lost the appeal. His father also was charged with the death, but I can’t recall if he was ever convicted. There was a hung jury I think.
    You may have already updated this information, but I didn’t see the update so I’ve included a link.

  6. Lyndie October 14, 2014 / 9:42 pm

    Yes Leah that is the way I remember it too. It’s strange how things resurface so many years later.

  7. Jasmine December 2, 2015 / 3:09 am

    I am Lisa’s daughter Rudy Gonzales Jr was found guilty. He got a life sentence plus 9 more and another 18 months. He refused to talk and include his worthless dad so there was no deal made with the state. Rudy Gonzales Sr was found on a hung jury I’m sure only do to all that family putting up o er 300,000 to a attorney. There’s still a heavy prince to pay when they meet their maker….

    • Brent Romney July 22, 2019 / 10:18 pm

      Hi, Jasmine. I was very good friends with a Lisa Lockett in El Paso Texas when we were both in the 8th grade. We later saw each other after our High School played Deming High School in 1972 or so. Would this be your mother? If so, I am so very sorry for your loss.

    • Brent Romney July 22, 2019 / 10:20 pm

      Also, perhaps the easiest way to get in touch with me would be through email at: romneyeight@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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