Kristopher Loesch article

I found this article about the 2001-ish disappearance of Kristopher Loesch; it seems his case is going to be profiled on the Discovery Channel. The story of his disappearance is very complicated and sordid, and it hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention.

Kristopher was living with a guardian for awhile, and attended school under the name Christopher Robinson. He quit going to school and it looks like he was homeschooled for awhile. He just dropped out of sight. The official date of his disappearance is listed as May 16, 2001, but I’m not sure how certain that is. Because he was with his mom when he disappeared, he wasn’t missed for awhile.

Kristopher’s family situation is thus: I don’t know who his father is. His grandfather, Gary, was murdered in 1995. The crime has never been solved. His grandmother, Barbara, was murdered in 1998. Her death was considered an accident until 2004, when a guy named Bradley Steckman confessed that he’d murdered her. Steckman said Kristopher’s mother, Tina, and Tina’s lesbian lover, Skye Hanson, had hired him to do it. Tina was going to get $500k in insurance on Barbara’s life and promised to pay him $10k of it, but she never did. In 2008, Tina and Skye were charged with Barbara’s murder and warrants were issued for them. The two women committed suicide together in Arizona just a few hours after they were shown on America’s Most Wanted.

And Kristopher? No one seems to know where he is or if he’s even alive. He was ten when he was last seen; he would now be 21. IF he’s alive. And I kind of doubt it. But if he is, maybe he’ll see or hear about the upcoming TV episode and show himself.

Wonderful news in my battle against the Headache

En route to my boyfriend’s place of work on Wednesday, I saw a massage therapy place. I had been thinking about “alternative” (non-drug) treatments for awhile, and so I stopped, went inside and explained my problem. They made me an appointment, and the following day I came in and got a full-body massage, from the feet all the way up to the scalp. I felt like jelly by the time it was over.

By the end of it, my head didn’t hurt anymore. And it hasn’t hurt since. A smashing success!

I have no illusions — this is going to wear off. But this is the longest period I’ve been without pain in months. And it may last a few weeks before I need to get another massage, who knows. Even if these massage treatments do start to yield diminishing returns, they might keep me going until the Cleveland Clinic finally lets me into the I-Match Program.

The Nephra Paynes, and Susan Powell

Gothamist has much better photos of the seven Nephra Paynes and their sister Nefertiti, who are still missing. According to unnamed sources, the children were taken into care two years ago because their father abused them and their mother neglected them (perhaps by simply allowing the abuse to occur?). They were initially split between two homes. Nefertiti, after she was born last year, was placed in a third.

And, Susan Powell’s father-in-law, Steven Powell, has been hit with some serious charges: possession of child porn, and filming women and girls, including Susan, without their knowledge. This is the same man who claimed Susan was throwing herself at him all the time, while her parents said that in fact HE was hitting on HER and Susan and Josh moved from their Washington home to Utah in part to get away from him. Susan’s sons had been living in Washington with Steven. (I hope they were not in the porn photos, but it seems Steven focused on females.) They are now in foster care and her parents want custody.

Lindquist said Utah police investigating Susan Powell’s disappearance found “thousands of images of females being videotaped without their knowledge, including Susan Powell,” on tapes and disks at his home in an Aug. 25 search.

The videos were found in Steven Powell’s bedroom. “The photographer focuses on the women’s buttocks, breasts,” Lindquist said in a statement. “Many images were of minor females.”

The images included shots of two girls who were as young as 8 and 10 years old at the time, the prosecutor said. Authorities determined that the girls lived near Steven Powell from June 2006 to August 2007.

At Powell’s arraignment, prosecutor Grant Blinn said detectives are still going through the seized items, but so far have found more than 1,000 video files. He said it appeared he had been secretly videotaping girls or women for at least 10 years.


Meanwhile, Susan’s husband, Josh, remains the prime suspect in her disappearance.