Theda Gonzalez-Smith

Thanks to Annie for sending me this article on Theda Gonzalez-Smith, a toddler abducted by her mother in 2009. She was listed on Charley and is now in the resolved section. The article is very informative and also encouraging. Although it took Theda’s dad, Raul Gonzalez, a long time to get her back from Germany, he did succeed in doing so, using legal channels, and Theda’s abducting mother and stepfather are now facing felony charges. This is all the more encouraging because Theda’s left-behind parent was her father. Fathers have an even harder time than mothers in retrieving their children who were abducted and taken abroad.

Unfortunately, Theda now speaks only German, and Raul doesn’t know that language. But they’re managing to communicate anyway, and in the pictures they look really happy.

Note that Theda’s mother simply abandoned her at a social services office in Germany and fled rather than face the charges. She sounds like quite the avoider — she broke up with Raul via text message!

The first time this month…

…I’ve got updates two days in a row. But that’s not too difficult, seeing as how before those two days I had just ONE update. Of the ten new cases I added, nine were just past the six-month mark and one was a new-old from the 1960s that I just couldn’t resist.

One case in particular that I added today, Marizela Perez, intrigues me. She seems to have just vanished off the face of the earth. Nobody seems to know what happened, but my guess is it wasn’t good. She’s a remarkably attractive young girl, and so stylish, I had wondered at first if she was a fashion student at U Dub. But I can’t find anything about what her major was, and since she was a freshman, she probably hadn’t declared yet.

Marizela’s cousin is Michelle Malkin, a noted journalist and commentator who has done her part to publicize her disappearance. That fact may be the only reason Marizela’s disappearance got any publicity at all. Unfortunately, college students disappear into thin air all the time.