Grief study

A blog reader sent this link to me: about a study suggesting that grief shortens the lifespan. This is in relation to my noticing the ages of missing persons’ parents when they die, and my own speculation that having a missing child shortens the lifespan. Certainly there’s grief there. As well as uncertainty.

I don’t know if my brother’s death has had an impact on my parents’ health or not. (He was killed in a car accident 23 years ago, at the age of seventeen.) Obviously it’s impossible to predict what my parents would be like if were still alive, but they’re both in their sixties and quite healthy, physically. Dad’s got some asthma-related problems, but he’s always had them.

Article about 43-year-old cold case from Australia

I found this article about the disappearance of 16-year-old Maureen Braddy and her 17-year-old boyfriend, Allan Whyte, from a town named Bendigo in Australia. The article contains a picture of Maureen but not many details. There is, however, a link to this other article that has some more info about the case. Allan is one of of 14 children. Fourteen!

At the time, it seems, the police just assumed Maureen and Allan ran off together, e.g. Mitchel Weiser and Bonnie Bickwit. But now the case is classified as a homicide.

Human remains NOT found in Susan Powell search

It was reported that human remains were found in the latest search for Susan Powell, a mother of two who disappeared from Utah in December 2009. The next day, however, the police issued a denial, saying that no remains have been found. I’m not really sure how the miscommunication happened, but it seems they’re still looking at the search site.

Susan Powell’s case has been in the news, particularly in her area, a great deal. She is a young, attractive white Mormon woman, which I’m sure helps. Her husband, Josh Powell, doesn’t seem to be too bright. The alibi he gave the police for the night of her disappearance — as a friend of mine said, a chimpanzee could have come up with a better story. Josh and his father have been trying to do everything they can to discredit Susan’s family and smear Susan’s reputation in the media, to the extent that they were going to publish her diaries from when she was 15 years old to show what a filthy-minded person she was. (Susan’s parents got a court order to stop the publication.) I didn’t know Susan and I don’t know Josh, obviously, what they’re doing is in very bad taste at minimum and if they’re trying to distract the police and the public from looking at Josh as a suspect, it’s not working.

Another Utahn, Steven Koecher, disappeared mysteriously at the same time Susan did and from the same general area. Josh has suggested that Susan and Steven ran off together, but there’s no evidence that they even knew each other at all.

The Mitrice Richardson controversy continues

Some kind soul sent me this really excellent article about Mitrice Richardson’s disappearance and death. I’m not even done reading it myself but I can see already that it’s worth a mention on the Charley blog.

The whole Mitrice thing was a massive cluster-you-know-what. Trying to figure out who was responsible for it all is like trying to find the individual drop of rain that was responsible for the flood. I’ve been in situations — I think we all have — where several different people each individually made mistakes, perhaps quite small ones, but each mistake was compounding on all the others, with very bad consequences, and afterwards you wonder where did it start and who’s to blame and by how much. It seems like that’s what happened with Mitrice. Another problem with what happened there seems to have been everyone’s insistence on protocol and toeing the line and all that. No one was willing to take any responsibility and be a little flexible. Perhaps everyone was performing exactly within all the rules when they released Mitrice from jail alone that night, but that doesn’t mean they were performing their duties properly. If that makes sense at all.

In other news, I am still in a lot of pain and still not enrolled in I-Match and still at a loss as to what to do about any of it. I’m thinking of taking up studying languages, maybe learning to read Yiddish on my own since I can’t attend school at present. If I can find something to concentrate hard on, I can forget about the headache and life becomes bearable for awhile. Languages would be a good thing to concentrate on.