Lucinda Huels

I found this essay by Tinze Lucinda Huels‘s son about his mother’s disappearance. She was only 17 but was married and had two children, one of them an infant, when she disappeared in 1984. I’m having a hard time understanding the sequence of events, but it is in any case a very sad story.

From the son’s writing it appears that Amanda Dennis posed as Lucinda and lived with Lucinda’s family for several years before the truth came out. If true what an unspeakably horrible thing to do. That woman sounds nutty.

Well, I’ll be darned

Got this email:

My mother…has claimed that she is employed with the Charley project as a freelance writer. She mentioned as well that the Charley Project was run by [a state law enforcement agency], however your site does not appear to be affiliated with them and I called their headquarters and they had no idea what it was! I’m writing to you because I am very concerned about recent events and how they relate to your project… She has told people that she was able to…get private information with the help of her “supervisor with the Charley project.”

Of course I wasted no time in replying that everything was completely untrue. I’d never even heard of this woman’s mother before. I don’t know whether to be flattered or outraged that she’s trying to bolster her own credibility by associating herself with me.

In other news, my laptop’s power cord is broken. I will have to order another one…or, perhaps, a whole new laptop. My laptop is a bit old (two and a half years) and pretty battered after all, having been subject to numerous expensive repairs.