Got an appointment!

I finally got an appointment with the I-Match people! It’s for a psych eval. I’ve already been cleared medically to go into the program, now I just have to be cleared mentally. I’m not exactly sure what they’re looking for, but I guess they want people who are not drug addicts and will be good patients and try hard and follow the instructions. I’m scheduled to get my head shrunk on September 9.

And in other news, I actually sat down and counted all the cases I had waiting in the wings to be added. There were over 250, which explains why my “15 new cases per update” isn’t really making a scuff mark, never mind a dent, in the pile. I had half of today’s cases written yesterday, but alas, I could not do an update for today because the connection is so crappy. Michael had sent away the wireless router for repair and I’d been going to the library to get online. Now the router is back. I had thought this meant the connection would no longer be the steaming pile of suck that it has been ever since we moved in — but alas, I was wrong. It was even worse than usual today.

It’s actually kind of worse than not having a connection at all. If there’s no internet, I know this and accept it and do things like read instead of go online. If there’s only half an internet, which is what this bad connection amounts to, I try to go about my daily business online and wind up throwing things against the wall in frustration and cursing at/pleading with the computer etc.

Slight change in blog

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve started adding state or country names in my blog entry tags. I’m going back over all my old entries to do this. Like, if my post is about some guy who disappeared from Mississippi, I add a “Mississippi” tag, and when you click on it you can see all blog post relating to Mississippi. For foreign countries I generally add both country and continent/region — like “Guatemala, Central America” etc. And the UK will get “United Kingdom” and also “England/Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland” tags.

Author investigating a very cold New Zealand disappearance

Jamie sent me this article about the disappearance of two-year-old Jeffrie Hill, who vanished from outside his home in the town of Tokoroa, New Zealand in 1969. The police conducted a perfunctory investigation and concluded he had drowned, even though they didn’t find his body. (Shades of Charley’s own Aaron Mitchell Anderson here.) Well, Scott Bainbridge, author of two books on New Zealand missing persons, believes Jeffrie was abducted and may still be alive today.

Mr. Bainbridge and I have corresponded. I reviewed his first MP book, Without Trace: On the Trail of New Zealand Missing Persons, and he gave me a copy of the second, Still Missing: More Unsolved Missing Persons Cases in New Zealand — which was just as good as the first, but I have yet to review it. It’s on my to-do list. He also wrote a book about New Zealand’s cold case murders titled Shot in the Dark.