Michael says I don’t look so good

What do you think?

Cellular phone self-portrait, taken in the bathroom five minutes after he made that remark. The picture makes my eyes look green. They’re blue.

Thanks to the Fentanyl, for about 36 hours now I haven’t slept for more than a few minutes at a time. I may call Dr. Easley tomorrow on Monday and ask if there’s anything to be done, but I think I’ll just have to wait this out. Side effects usually go away within a few days of starting a new medicine, right?

But it is taking care of the pain quite nicely.

The pains of opium

I mentioned that Dr. Easley had raised my Fentanyl dose, since the previous one wasn’t doing much for my headache. He quadrupled it actually: 50 micrograms an hour as opposed to 12. My head hardly hurts at all now.

However, tired as I am, I cannot get to sleep. I thrashed around in bed all night long. I would just get to the point of slipping under, then suddenly I was wide awake again. I recall that the same thing happened when I started taking MS Contin (morphine) early this year. God knows how long it’ll last. I hope I’ll get used to it eventually.

Ironically, the reason I asked Dr. Easley to put me back on Fentanyl was because my head hurt so bad that I couldn’t get to sleep at night.

Three cold Canadian cases

The North Bay Nugget notes that fifteen-year-old Melanie Ethier disappeared from New Liskeard, Ontario fifteen years ago today. According to another source, at the time Melanie was walking home, three weddings were letting out and the bars were closing with customers leaving, yet nobody saw a thing. There’s no evidence that she ran away.

The 26th was the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of Jesokah Adkens from British Columbia. She was seventeen.

And in Quebec, the cops are searching the Mile-Illes River for Julie Surprenant (French language link), who disappeared in 1999 at the age of 16. A man dying of cancer reportedly confessed that he killed her and dumped her in the river. The nurse who heard his confession didn’t tell anyone about it for five years.

Excuse me while I shoot myself

That wonderful, headache-relieving massage I mentioned? The relief lasted less than 48 hours. I had been hoping it would be a week or even two. Oh, well.

I saw my neurologist, Dr. Bultemeier, Tuesday morning and told her what was up. She prescribed some topical cream that some mad scientist in Fort Wayne makes to order, which she says has helped some of her headache patients. I haven’t picked it up yet. I wonder how I’m supposed to apply it over my hair. Dr. B is also going to call that psychologist in Cleveland — the one who thinks I might be too crazy to be in the I-Match program — to find out if he’s got my records or has read them yet or what. Dr. Easley has put me back on Fentanyl, a larger dose this time. So I’m well on my way to becoming a complete hophead, knocking over 7-11s to get my fixes.

I’m feeling pretty down about it all. Not really doing to shoot myself though, or any other self-harm. The title of this post is just an indication of how frustrated I am.

Young runaways

Having just written about the twelve-year-old runaway Kathrynn Seefeldt, I got curious and decided to find out how many runaways under 14 I have listed on Charley. Here they are:

Age 11
Mayra Soto, since 2003
Quinn Renard Woodfolk, since 1998

Age 12
Jorge Acosta, since 1992
Donna Marie Barron, since 2006
Kamyle Stephanie Burgos Ortiz, since 2006
Patricia Joan Chesher, since 1969
Karen Marie Hughes, since 1983
Maria Magdalena Carralejo Ojeda, since 1995
Francheska Sugel Martinez, since 2000
Carlota Maria Sanchez, since 1979
Mayra Erisuria Sandoval, since 2006
Kathrynn Sholly Seefeldt, since 2002
Ekaterina Shcherbakova, since 1998
Elyssa Marie Vasquez, since 2003

Age 13
Jesus Javier Blanco, since 2010
Adam Lawrence Bowens, since 2008
Richard Burton, since 2009
Daniel Cantrell, since 2006
Julian Carrozza, since 2009
Melinda Karen Creech, since 1979
Diana Echeverria-Acevedo, since 2008
Maria Isaia Flores Rubio, since 2007
Anel Gaspariano Perez, since 2010
Amelia Gomez, since 2008
Shaunda Renne Green, since 1983
Heather Janelle Lewis, since 2003
Misheila Isleen Martinez, since 2000
Lorena Mendoza, since 2005
Alishia Dachone Miller, since 1989
Johnny Lee Mills, since 1990
Jose Federico Nieto, since 2008
Tiffany Rose Hayes Oliver, since 2007
Merelyn Toro Ortiz, since 2008
Adaneli Perez, since 2007
Jennifer Rae Perry, since 1993
Stephanie Marie Pinero Morales, since 2008
Taranika Nichelle Raymond, since 1995
Ima Jean Sanders, since 1974
Uma Davi Sewpersaud, since 2002
Lawshawndra Seymore, since 2009
Isadora Sorrozo, since 2000
Marceline Tolondo, since 2000
Noelle Elizabeth Wilkening, since 2006
Elsa Janell Wind, since 1992

A depressingly long list. And many of these children have been missing for a depressingly long time.

Some of these don’t sound like runaways to me. Patricia Chesher and Ima Sanders sound like kidnappings, but they are listed as runaways on NCMEC which presumably knows more about their cases than I do. Karen Hughes is thought to be with her non-custodial mother, but the case is classified as a runaway rather than a family abduction.

Kathrynn Seefeldt articles

I found this article and this one about the 2002 disappearance of Kathrynn “Katie” Seefeldt from Independence, Missouri. She ran away from home, but she was only twelve at the time and no one has seen or heard from her since then. The police haven’t found any evidence of foul play, but nearly nine years of silence speak volumes.

I hope Katie is all right. I hope hears about herself and decides to call home. She’s 21 now and doesn’t have to actually return if she doesn’t want to, but her mom would love to at least hear that she’s alive.

Susan Powell’s parents get custody of her kids

Following Susan Powell‘s disappearance nearly two years ago, her husband, Josh, moved to Washington with his father, Steve. He took his and Susan’s children with him and wouldn’t allow her side of the family to have any contact with them. Well, as I wrote recently, Steve Powell has been arrested for voyeurism and child porn possession. It doesn’t appear that her children were victims, but some of the photos the police found were of Susan.

Susan’s parents have obtained temporary custody of her sons. I think that’s the best place for them, seeing as how Josh is a suspect — the only suspect, as far as I know — in her disappearance. (For the record, though, Josh has said he knew nothing of his father’s porn collection and will not be bailing him out of jail or letting him come home if he bails himself out.)

Steve had claimed Susan was “flirtatious” with him and that they were in love with each other, but Susan told all her friends she couldn’t stand Steve and that she actually moved to Utah just to get away from him. Her sister-in-law — Steve’s own daughter — was a close friend of Susan and she too has said Steve was really inappropriate towards her. The Examiner has several quotes on this topic from Susan’s friends and from Sandy Crain-Anderson, a friend of Steve’s.

As for Sandy Crain-Anderson’s info, it’s kind of sick:

For about a decade Steve Powell told Sandy that he had been in love with and obsessed with Susan.

“Susan was the focal point of the songs he wrote and that are posted on the Steve Chantrey website. Those are but a few of the many more songs written about Susan,” Sandy said.

“He is pining for a love he never could have,” she said.

“Steve was very proud of his stash of porn magazines he kept in a locked cabinet in his bedroom. He showed them to me when he lived at his previous Puyallup home,” Sandy said.

Last fall Sandy said Steve boasted that he still had the pair of Susan’s very sacred Mormon Temple Garment underwear that he stole from the dirty laundry when she and Josh lived at his house at the beginning of their marriage.

“Not only did he stash her underwear in his locked bedroom cabinet, he said he stashed her pictures, journals, and porn in there too,” Sandy said.

“In fact,” she said, “when police went to search his house last fall they missed it – Steve told me they never even looked in his locked cabinet so he still has her private belongings, including her underwear.

Sandy said she contacted the police several times with this information after Susan disappeared, but they didn’t even get back to her until early this year.

The Examiner also talks about Susan’s father, Chuck Cox, saying he’s shown an admirable degree of restraint in public in spite of the fact that Josh and Steve have been saying all sorts of nasty things about Susan and her family.

Possible connection between two Albuquerque women’s cases

According this Albuquerque Journal article, the police are investigating a possible connection between the 1992 disappearance of Velda Leyba and the murder of Lisa Duncan, who disappeared five months after Velda and was found dead a few months later. Both of them were last seen in the same house, which was never searched, even though the police noticed blood on the carpet.

Well, they’re searching the house now. It’s twenty years after the fact, but the current owner says it’s still the same carpet. A confidential informant told the police that both Velda and Lisa were killed there.

Better late than never, I guess.

Kristopher Loesch article

I found this article about the 2001-ish disappearance of Kristopher Loesch; it seems his case is going to be profiled on the Discovery Channel. The story of his disappearance is very complicated and sordid, and it hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention.

Kristopher was living with a guardian for awhile, and attended school under the name Christopher Robinson. He quit going to school and it looks like he was homeschooled for awhile. He just dropped out of sight. The official date of his disappearance is listed as May 16, 2001, but I’m not sure how certain that is. Because he was with his mom when he disappeared, he wasn’t missed for awhile.

Kristopher’s family situation is thus: I don’t know who his father is. His grandfather, Gary, was murdered in 1995. The crime has never been solved. His grandmother, Barbara, was murdered in 1998. Her death was considered an accident until 2004, when a guy named Bradley Steckman confessed that he’d murdered her. Steckman said Kristopher’s mother, Tina, and Tina’s lesbian lover, Skye Hanson, had hired him to do it. Tina was going to get $500k in insurance on Barbara’s life and promised to pay him $10k of it, but she never did. In 2008, Tina and Skye were charged with Barbara’s murder and warrants were issued for them. The two women committed suicide together in Arizona just a few hours after they were shown on America’s Most Wanted.

And Kristopher? No one seems to know where he is or if he’s even alive. He was ten when he was last seen; he would now be 21. IF he’s alive. And I kind of doubt it. But if he is, maybe he’ll see or hear about the upcoming TV episode and show himself.