Louann Bowers released from prison

I’m a bit behind in the times — this news is from July 1 — but I thought I’d share it anyway: Louann Emma Bowers has been released from prison after serving four concurrent terms for child endangerment.

(“Concurrent” sentences is where you serve all the sentences at the same time. Like, if you get six years for theft and twenty years for murder, concurrently, you only serve twenty years. “Consecutive” sentences are where you serve one sentence at a time; for the previous example you could get serve 26 years in prison.)

Louann is supposed to be on probation for 23 months. While she was in custody she had a sixth child, got her GED and took parenting classes. I hope she continues to improve herself now that she’s out, and maybe get custody of her kids back. It sounds like she needs a lot of serious counseling.

11 thoughts on “Louann Bowers released from prison

  1. Dust August 30, 2011 / 8:45 pm

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  2. Kim August 30, 2011 / 11:55 pm

    This woman should not get any of her kids back. She is a child abuser and is unable to care for herself or the kids. Her kids are so behind from other peers their age due to severe neglect and lack of socialization.

  3. Princess Shantae August 31, 2011 / 7:59 am

    I hope they tied her damn tubes after she had the last one or she’s liable to just go right on breeding. Her type always do.

  4. Celeste September 1, 2011 / 11:57 am

    I thhnk that we should really look at the real reason why she ran away before we condem her completely. From the way Louann had her kids taken away from her that must have been the way that she was taught either by being abused herself or having been a witness to such abuse herself.

    • Swilltastic September 1, 2011 / 2:08 pm

      Yes, you can’t just start saying bad stuff about her when we don’t even know what her life was like when she disappeared. And we don’t know anything about her mental state but it’s obvious that she has some serious problems, But that is not necessarily her fault. Her emotional state is probably still that of a sixteen year old and she probably has some mental issues… so I wouldn’t go so far to say she’s a “child abuser” or she needs her “damn tubes” tied. If anything, we should be condemning the man who manipulated her into running away from him. No matter how you look at it, she did do wrong, but she is also a victim!

  5. Rachel Flach October 18, 2014 / 7:09 pm

    This is a sad story,sounds like she was trying to hide and took her kids down with her…at least she took parenting i. Jail and it sounds to me like she needs some serious mental health evaluation,but loves her children the best way she knows how..

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