Two most excellent articles

Excellent Article #1: Psychic Detectives Have a Perfect Record…of NOT solving crimes.

Take the story of Portland, Ore., clairvoyant Laurie McQuary. A creative sting was set up by the Inside Edition TV show in March. A producer posing as a distraught brother in search of his missing sister hired McQuary for $400. She looked at the photo of the girl and claimed she had been sexually assaulted and killed, but the case was still solvable. The psychic detective even pointed to a remote location on a map where the body could be found. The next day, McQuary was taped in an interview with an Inside Edition correspondent who revealed that the photo was the correspondent as a young girl and not the missing sister of the show’s producer. Asked how she could be so wrong, the psychic ended the interview and walked off the set.

A sample of one does not prove the case, but 10 other psychics contacted by the show similarly stated the girl had been murdered.


I love how they almost always say the victim is “near water.” Practically everywhere is reasonably close to “water.” There’s a creek running about a thousand feet behind my house in Ohio. Fort Wayne has the Three Rivers. Puddles are water, aren’t they? And even if the victim is found buried in the desert in Arizona, who knows, there might be a sewer pipeline running underground nearby or something. Ann Rule noted one case where the victim was said to be near “a pond with trees, rocks and fallen logs.” Now, where in western Washington state would you find such a location?

As for the second excellent article, I think I may just show it to the next person who threatens to sue me for “libeling” them by stating on my website that they did exactly what they admit to have done.