Waiting and dealing

While I wait to get into the I-Match Program I have to have something to keep me going and keep the pain off my back. So I went to see Dr. Easley yet again today. I called his office at eight and got an appointment for ten, which was impressive. We talked about options. The only thing I could think of to do was go back on MS Contin (morphine) again, which didn’t thrill me, since it made me so tired all the time before. Dr. Easley suggested Fentanyl patches instead. So I’ll try that.

For today I got another Demerol shot — my third in the past week. I had to go the hospital next door to Dr. Easley’s office to get it. In the outpatient room, while I was waiting my turn with all the people hooked up to IVs, I struck up a conversation with the woman next to me and somehow within two minutes we were talking about breast implants and porn stars and for once this was not entirely my fault. We talked for about ten minutes and by the end I was jabbering on about the early life of Joseph Stalin. Didja know, he was a weatherman (his only real job), and a bank robber?

I found this message board where people who had been in I-Match praised it, which makes me hopeful.

One thought on “Waiting and dealing

  1. me September 12, 2011 / 5:01 am

    if fentanyl doesnt work out, ask to try dilaudid 2-6mg It has the distinction of being powerful with less side effects. 2mg might not touch it where 4 or 6 will.Its bonus of short acting so you can take it when you need it.

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